How to Set a Consistent Goal Using Your Planner

64721_lrgcaseThere is a path that lets your dreams become reality: consistent goals. But in order to keep this path open, you need to keep your goals in mind, rather than letting distractions clog your attention and your focus.

Your planner is an indispensable tool for keeping your goals fresh. As you break your goals down into tasks, your planner can hold daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reminders to help you stay on track. This can give you peace of mind, and set realistic expectations for timelines. For example, when you plan out how to stick with a fitness goal for six months, focusing on consistency rather than scale fluctuations, you’re less likely to get discouraged after two weeks.

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Happy New Year – Looking Ahead, Moving Forward

25127_lrgcaseHappy New Year! OK, so it isn’t exactly the New Year yet, but hopefully this post will help ensure the coming year is a happy one. A new year comes with fresh expectations, but like a much-anticipated movie, if our expectations are too high we may feel some letdown if things turn out to be just really good instead of great.

As the New Year begins, take some time for reflection. Decide on one thing you’ll do differently this year. Think about the ways this year will be different. Then contemplate and set realistic goals, break them into achievable pieces, and set out to meet those expectations each day. Good Luck, and may this year be one of joy and accomplishment.

Identify Your Values

34711_lrgcasePerspective is an essential part of a happy life. When you feel unfulfilled, stressed, or otherwise unhappy, it’s worth stepping back and taking the long view. Your daily tasks stem from your intermediate goals, your intermediate goals form your long-term goals, and your long-term goals (hopefully) are based on your governing values, or the things you want most in life.

As you clean out your planner from 2014, take stock of your activities over the past year and assess how well they match with your values. Prioritizing your family, career, and personal development and setting goals accordingly can help match your goals with the inner motivation to accomplish them. And for daily reminders of putting First Things First, try the 7 Habits Planner.

Merry Christmas

From all of us at FranklinPlanner, here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas. May it turn out to be even better than you planned!




All the cheery greetings and pleasant gatherings associated with the holidays bring their own portion of stress. Don’t shoulder that stress alone. Reduce it by delegating tasks. Ask guests to bring a dish, solicit help from family to prepare for parties by cleaning, cooking, or sending out invitations. People like to feel included and important, and nothing does that more than getting them involved.

Set time limits

Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse, spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. During that time, she heard several of the same regrets. She recorded them in a book called, The Top Five Regrets of The Dying.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

How much time do you spend on your daily to-dos? Does your list of tasks dominate your day? Consider setting time limits for each daily task so you can devote more time to yourself, your family, friends, and hobbies. After all, whatever you don’t finish today will still be there to work on tomorrow.


Out with the old, in with the new

A home can only hold so much before it looks cluttered. You’ve likely noticed the same phenomenon with your children’s bedrooms. Before shopping for more gifts, clean out and throw away what isn’t being used. If you have young children go through their things together and find several items that they can throw away or give to a local charity. Many of your own items are likely in great condition, but rarely used. This is a great time to find a new home for them. You’ll likely find several good, charitable donations. It’s always wise to eliminate waste before you bring more holiday additions into your home.


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is four days away. If you haven’t already, you’d better hit the grocery store. Make a shopping list today. Organize your list by produce, meats, dairy etc., so you won’t forget any essentials as you race through the store.

While you’re there, take note of Black Friday deals ahead of time so you can plan your bargain shopping.63772_1lrgcase

Progress, not perfection

follow-us-pinterestWe’ve all seen those amazing images on Pinterest. Chances are good you’ll want to create something similar for your holiday get-togethers. Just remember that sometimes our efforts are successful and other times they aren’t so great. With all you have to think about during the holidays, try to keep a practical perspective. Don’t worry about being perfect. Do what you can and enjoy it. Remember that joy is found in the company you keep more than in the image you create.



Of course, we aren’t suggesting you give up your dream of the perfect table setting or the decedent dessert. Just keep it real. Plan ahead and decide what you can do this season and what should wait until later. What you’re after is progress and not perfection.


Time Management During the Holidays


Holidays are wonderful, but they add stress to your daily routine. You can reduce that stress with regular planning. As you schedule the events of the season into your day, be sure that you don’t neglect the time you spend with family. Time with those you love can lower your stress levels. Be sure to plan time to sleep at night and keep your daily exercise routine intact. Adequate sleep and exercise will keep you feeling fresh and relieve stress.

Plan out your Calendar


The holidays are busy. They come with a lot of important dates and deadlines—shopping lists, shipping deadlines, and family parties. To ensure you remember it all, write down important information as soon as you get it. Schedule time in your planner so you’ll be sure to finish tasks on time. And plan your holiday events in pencil in case things need to be adjusted.

Happy Halloween from the FranklinPlanner team

Halloween is a day to bid October farewell and kick up your heels a bit. Celtic tradition says it’s also a time to take stock 62138_lrgcaseof your supplies and plan for winter. So, as you enjoy Halloween activities with friends and family this weekend, start thinking about your holiday checklist. Discuss dates for parties you’ll be hosting and start a holiday gift list. It pays to plan ahead for holiday travel, shop early, and get tickets in advance for cultural events you’d like to attend this coming season.

Happy Halloween from your friends at FranklinPlanner!

Organize your holiday events

Gorgeous holiday events don’t just fall together. They’re planned into perfection. With Halloween on its way and more61242_lrgcase holidays coming, now is the time to plan your season. So, as you pick up candy for the trick-or-treaters, take a look at holiday invitations and schedule dates for upcoming holiday events you’re hosting. Once mid-November swings around, you’ll be glad you did.

Finish your summer tasks

With winter just around the corner, now is is a great time to tackle things you want to have done before it gets cold. Set 63538_lrgcasea goal to tidy up your garden areas and dispose of leaves and debris before the first snowfall. Garden clean up keeps your yard tidy and cuts down on pests. Autumn is also a great time to organize your storage areas (including closets, garages, and attics). With your household in order, you can quickly access holiday items that may otherwise be hard to spot.

Organize Your Bag

Most people have three main accumulation spots: the junk drawer, the garage, and the inside of their bag or briefcase. 45261_lrgcaseWhether or not you spent your summer traveling, you probably have quite the collection of things in your bag. Empty your bag in a clear, spacious location and go through all of the contents. Get rid of old receipts, notes, reminders, and expired coupons. It’s a great way to start autumn fresh.

Plan Your Year

Now that autumn is in full swing, it’s time to count down the weeks until the end of the year. Take some time to set goals for the remaining 62759_lrgcasemonths of the year, and write them down in your planner. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby or finishing off your holiday shopping while still wearing sandals, you can accomplish more when you plan in advance.

Picking a Planner

Why do we buy planners? Perhaps the biggest reason is because we want more free time, and the best way to find that is to plan out your day.64175_lrgcase

The question is, what planner is best for you? Do you want a daily or weekly variety? The answer to that question is personal. You’ll have to decide what works best for you. Typically, a daily planner is great for people who have hectic daily schedules and need to be sure each hour is scheduled (or protected). Others with less frenetic daily schedules may find that their weeks can get out of control. A planner that allows them to see their week at a glance works better for them. You’ll find several great layouts in each variety that can help you make the most of your time.

Look over the planners to find one that fits your personality and needs. If you’re looking for something especially personal, we’ve recently unveiled the FC Studio Wire-bound Weekly Planner with room for daily events, notes, personal inspiration, and even photos. It’s a creative blend of planner, scrapbook and journal rolled into one beautiful package.

You can customize it before you buy it and add even more embellishments after it arrives at your home. For example, you can personalize the front cover with your name and place a photo on the back cover as you are placing your order. Once you start using it, you can add embellishments like washi tape, enamel dots, photos, and your own creative thoughts. You’ll find room to plan and create all in one very organized book.

Order Your Midyear Planner Now

There are few things more irritating than opening your planner and finding out that you’re out of pages. Your planner is62953_lrgcase finished, and you have no way to maintain your schedule or take notes. To avoid this dilemma, order your next planner early. The minute you think you have plenty of time to order, someone will schedule a meeting to plan for an event that is still months away. Your planner is vitally important. So take time today to order ahead. If your start date is in July, order now so you can stay organized. We have some great new layouts and designs. Take a look today and be one of the first to try them.

September is Self-Improvement Month

With every school from elementary to college starting at this time of year, it makes sense that September is Self-Improvement Month. Enrolling 60723_lrgcasein a college class is a great way to improve areas of our lives, but it isn’t the only way. Your planner is poised to make your life better right now. Take a minute and focus on something you would like to improve. Write it in your planner. Imagine yourself achieving your goal and set a date when it will be accomplished.

For example: If your goal is to learn to oil paint, set a date when you will have your first painting completed. Work backward from that date to decide what you need to accomplish between now and then.

Your planner is the perfect tool to help you balance your work life with your home life, become more organized, or even arrive earlier to meetings. It’s simply a matter of deciding what you want to focus on, setting goals, and planning the steps into your daily life. Start improving your life today.

Use Your Planner Well

Your planner is great for everyday use, but it could be even better. With a few tweaks it could become your ultimate62009_lrgcase survival tool. Here are some examples:

  • Use additional forms and tabs to stay on top of your different activities, such as: maintaining your budget, watching your health, and tracking your mileage.
  • Add additional calendars to keep your family’s schedules coordinated.
  • Separate different schedules with Custom Tabs.
  • Use a foldout calendar to schedule out months in advance.
  • Add lined pages and make note taking easier.

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is often the last barbecue of the summer. As you celebrate this extended weekend, use caution around the grill. Be sure to turn 61996_lrgcaseeverything off when you’re finished and clean out your grill before you cover it for the winter. That will make it even easier to fire it up next grilling season.

Create a Study Area

Distractions can turn a 30-minute project into something that takes hours.

Make study time easier for the kids by creating an area in the house for homework. Make sure it has very few 41716_lrgcasedistractions, and that it’s loaded with extra pencils, paper, sharpeners, highlighters, and room for books. If possible, keep it away from televisions, video games, and cell phones. If your kids claim they study better with music, keep it quiet so it isn’t interfering with their thoughts.

Coordinating Schedules

As the new school year begins, take the time to coordinate everyone’s schedules so you don’t miss any events.

Write each item in your planner so you don’t double schedule your time. You’ll also want to track all of these items on a 60376_lrgcasecentralized Family Calendar.Having a centralized calendar will ensure that schedules stay organized and that your family stays informed.

Back to school means back to busy. Make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Pick the Right Bag

Do your back a favor and get the right bag for your schoolwork load. Cramming a lot of books in a messenger-style bag will pull on one shoulder,49994_lrgcase and can lead to back pain over time. Use a backpack with padded straps if you carry a lot of books. Of course, if you tend to take one book at a time, then a small tote might be a better fit, or if you use e-books for your courses, then sticking your laptop in a messenger might be just the ticket.

Managing Time

Once school starts up again, it’s back to the daily runaround. Between work schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities, there’s a lot of 63827_lrgcasepotential for schedule conflicts. Whether you’re keeping track of a once-a-week appointment or reminding yourself of the doctor’s visit you scheduled back in April, your planner is there to help you.

And to take some pressure off, you can teach your kids the same strategies you use with Premier Agenda Academic Planners. Designed for each grade, these planners help your kids keep track of their assignments and projects (so you don’t have to.)

Reorganize Your Office

Summer tends to be a slower time for most businesses. Take advantage of the break to reorganize your office with some smart 41715_lrgcasefurnishings.

Start by recycling old documents that you no longer need, then tackle your tangle of cords. Giving yourself some elbow room will make going back to busy an easy transition.

Father’s Day Plans and Recognition

What has your dad done for you?

It’s likely a lengthy list. Show your father exactly what he means to you this year with something more than the 60896_lrgcasetraditional necktie. Write down some of your dad’s attributes and interests, and some of your favorite memories of times you spent together. This will give you a head start on planning out how you’ll recognize him, and in selecting the right gift.

Schedule Your Memorial Day Plans

Memorial Day is the first great getaway weekend of your summer. Take the time to plan it out, and you’ll have a great vacation from start to 61075_lrgcasefinish.

If you’re taking a trip over the extended break, then start jotting down your packing list in your planner. If you’re just having a barbecue with your family, then it can’t hurt to start organizing food assignments and making ingredient lists.

Finish Your Spring Cleaning

If your busy life hasn’t left you with a full day for spring cleaning, then it’s time to finish up. Instead of cleaning your home from top to bottom, 61972_lrgcaseidentify lots of individual tasks that still need to be done. You can then schedule these tasks in your planner and fit them into your busy days. To get started, try organizing your files and papers in proper storage spaces.

Mother’s Day Plans and Recognition

It’s one of the most special days of the year, when you recognize one of the most special people in your life. Whether you’re thanking your mom 60944_lrgcasefor a lifetime of example, showing your wife your appreciation for her daily efforts, or celebrating your daughter’s successes with your grandchildren, Mother’s Day is a day that brings families closer together. Start planning out the perfect celebration today, while there’s time to order gifts and arrange events.

Graduation Gifts

As spring continues on, graduation ceremonies at high schools and universities nationwide are only weeks away. Whether your family’s graduates 37927_lrgcaseare planning on traveling abroad, interviewing for their dream job, or staying organized as they head to the next level, a thoughtful gift from is the perfect way to celebrate.

New Tasks for Spring

With warm weather firmly established, it’s time to add some new tasks to your task list. Consider yard maintenance like mowing and watering the60837_lrgcase lawn, or schedule out morning runs around your neighborhood rather than in the crowded gym. Plan ahead on planting flowers or vegetables, and write the tasks on your planner well in advance. This extra preparation can help you accomplish everything you want to this spring.

Plan Your Easter

Whether you’re planning on attending church services or waiting for the Easter bunny, Easter is a great time to come closer to family. As you plan61972_lrgcase out your Easter activities, include some relaxing time for conversations with those you love. Your kids might be frenetically rushing from one egg to the next, but that doesn’t mean that you have to.

Early Spring Cleaning

Spring-cleaning doesn’t have to be a giant chore. Cleaning or organizing one small thing each day or each week can minimize the amount of 43899_lrgcasecleaning you do. And if you make it a habit all year long, you can eliminate spring-cleaning altogether. After all, who wants to be inside when the best weather of the year is happening outside? Like any other big goal, if you break it down to achievable daily tasks, it becomes simple.

Use Your Forms

Your planner is an excellent system for planning your life, but with the right forms, it can take your success even further. From blank notes pages 26887_lrgcasefor recording important information to menu and fitness trackers to help you with your health, you can change many aspects of your life with these helpful tools.

Personalization Equals Success

Strengthen your planner with a personal touch. Adding forms and tabs specific to your needs such as the Financial Plans Supplement, or the year 31573_lrgcaseat a glance Fold-Out Calendar can make your planner a more robust tool. You may also choose to keep extra business cards, photos, and extra pages for notes all neatly contained in your planner.

See all Calendar additions here.

See all planner Forms and Tabs here.

Why Keep Your Old Planner?

How long has it been since your last physical? When did you last change the furnace filter? Did you remember to change the batteries in your 60610_lrgcasesmoke detectors? Writing these tasks in your planner gives you a concrete reminder when you need to provide this information – but only if you store your old planner for further reference.

Being Prepared for Tax Season Eases Stress

Reduce the stress of money management by documenting your financial activities. By collecting all of your necessary paperwork for your taxes31659_lrgcase throughout the year, you will be more prepared and less stressed when it comes time to file your taxes. If you use an accountant, it will allow them to complete your paperwork quicker and easier. The convenient Financial Plans Supplement fits nicely in your planner and offers a comprehensive set of forms to track your expenses.

Valentine’s Day Plans

Make Valentines Day easier by planning ahead.

Organize your evening plans by scheduling everything several days in advance, and confirming any reservations you may have. Make sure to note it all down in your planner so you don’t forget anything you may need to pick up. Doing this will make your evening go much more smoothly.43896_lrgcase

Be Realistic in Your Planning for the New Year

Remember to be realistic in your goals for the New Year when it comes to relationships, your job, and even your home. Make your goals attainable and 75899_lrgcasesurround yourself with people that can help you reach those goals. Tell your friends and family about your goals so they can be a support. Consider the changes you want to make and ensure they are maintainable. It can be discouraging to finally reach a goal only to find that you can’t maintain that activity well enough to keep on the wagon. Set your goals in realistic increments so you can build your strength and resistance enough for them to stick.

Ways Your Planner Can Help You This Year

If you have struggled to stay organized in previous years, here are some great ways your planner can help keep you on track:

Tasks. Many of our planners have a column just for tasks. You can keep your tasks in order by priority, and work through each one daily or weekly.60662_lrgcase

Appointments. If you find that you sometimes miss appointments or are scrambling to get there on time, the Appointments section of your planner can give you a great reminder in advance. Remember to give yourself a time buffer before and after your appointments so you aren’t rushing from thing to thing.

Goals (monthly and yearly). Keeping track of your long- and short-term goals in your planner is a great way to ensure success. That constant reminder can help hone your focus and give you the boost you need to get things done. There’s something surprisingly motivating about being able to cross things off your list.

Reminders and notes to self. The notes section of your planner is perhaps the most used portion of all. That’s where you can keep reminders and notes to yourself pertaining to the daily tasks at hand. It’s also a great place for jotting down great ideas, important thoughts, or cool song lyrics.

Organize Your Essentials for the New Year

Make your workspace more useful. The beginning of the year is a great time to organize your desk. Clear out everything that isn’t necessary and give yourself61087_1lrgcase plenty of room to work. While you’re at it, don’t forget your briefcase, or laptop bag. As you clean it out you’re sure to find plenty of things to toss out. File away any receipts and notes that you still need. This is also a good time to clean and condition your leather to increase the life of your bags, even if you don’t see any visible signs of damage.

Being Accountable for Your New Year’s Goals

One of the biggest reasons that people break their New Year’s resolutions is because they get busy with their lives and lose track of their goals. That doesn’t have60341_lrgcase to be you. Write your goals down in your planner and give yourself helpful reminders each month to keep you on track and focused on your goals. Adding additional lined pages throughout the year so you can describe where you are in your journey toward your goals will also act as a great reminder.

Prepare Your Planner for The New Year

Get ready for 2014 by clearing out your old planner and loading up with a new one. Before you refill your binder or cover, take a close look at it. If your leather is looking scuffed and worn, polish it up with a good leather cleaner and conditioner.61089_lrgcase

Maybe you’re ready for a whole new look. If so, sort through our beautiful selection of Binders and Planners, and possibly even enhance your love of music.

This is also the perfect time to add new tabs and accessories to make your planner an even better tool for organizing the coming year. You’ll love our pagefinders, tabbed dividers and the durable plastic inserts to add a personal touch to your planner.

Welcome 2014

Welcome to 2014! We hope you are as excited about the New Year as we are! Remember to spend the last little bit of the holiday season with your family and friends, and start getting ready for a whole new year of planning and organizing. We know you already have a few ideas about what your resolutions are, but save those for the next week—now is the time to celebrate a new beginning!



Merry Christmas

From all of us at, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy your time with family and friends, and recharge your batteries for the upcoming year.


The Miracle of Delegation

Trust is a marvelous thing. It brings value to money, success to businesses, and love to relationships. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with tasks62354_lrgcase this holiday season, exercise your trust and delegate a few of them. They might not do it exactly the way you would do it, but they might surprise you in how they accomplish what needs to be done.

Set Time Limits

Do you find that you get caught up watching a season of your favorite television show? Or perhaps your favorite hobby keeps distracting you from48641_lrgcase more important things? Setting down your schedule in your calendar or to-do list helps you chunk out your time, and can help you set limits for each activity.  Post these reminders near where you spend your time, such as on your computer or tablet.

Limit Your Commitments

As time goes on, the list of holiday must-dos tends to get bigger. Your family adds in new traditions and keeps up with old ones, your kids grow up and60624_lrgcase have more activities, you meet new friends and get invited to more parties. All of these engagements can quickly overwhelm your schedule.

Before this happens, decide on a limit of activities per week. Plan out ways to respectfully decline invitations – few people will object to family time during the  holidays.

Thanksgiving Shopping

With just four days left until the Thanksgiving feast, it’s time to prepare with a well-organized shopping list. Organize your list in your planner, and42687_lrgcase don’t forget these categories:

  • Produce
  • Dairy
  • Meats
  • Desserts
  • Toppings
  • Any extra dishes needed to cook the big meal
  • Decorations

Don’t Be A Perfectionist

If you’re ever down on yourself because one of your projects didn’t turn out exactly as planned, take a moment and Google “Pinterest Fails.” Unlike 43895_lrgcasethe perfect world that people post online, which only shows their strengths and successes, real life is full of near misses and learning experiences. Focus on your goals in your daily planning sessions, and keep track of your daily growth. Knowing that you’re progressing can make all the difference when your waffle iron cookies go south.

Time Management During the Holidays

The holiday season schedule is usually packed full – along with the many activities you have on your plate, there’s the extra push at work to completeOrange Planner Pages all your projects before your time off. Consider these important points when planning out your schedule:

  • Don’t miss sleep: while late nights might seem like a great place to cram in more fun or productivity, sleep deprivation can actually take a toll on both. Plan enough sleep each night, and you’ll be surprised at how much more you enjoy your waking hours.
  • Keep up your workout: as with your sleeping habits, keeping up your daily workout will help you feel your best, and can also relieve some of the stress of the holiday season.

Plan Out Your Calendar

The upcoming holiday season is a smorgasbord of school concerts, parties, term paper due dates and work deadlines.  Make sure that you keep tabs 41985_lrgcaseon things with some solid calendar solutions.

When it comes to family schedules, nothing beats putting a whiteboard in a public space. Then as new things come up or dates and times change, you can write them down where everyone can see, without filling up a calendar square. For your personal planning, it’s a good idea to use pencil – if you need to change the time of your medical appointment, you can erase and save some space.

Happy Halloween

Plan on some spooky shenanigans this week! 38801_lrgcase

Getting an early start on Halloween will make it easier on your younger ghouls and goblins, making sure that they get plenty of candy before it gets too dark. As for all the candy, let your kids choose how they eat it – if they overdo it, it will be a great moment to discuss self-control.

Travel Tips

Off on a trip? Whether you’re going for business or pleasure, keep these points in mind:

  • Schedule downtime into your agenda. While there may be an exciting world of attractions to see or great productivity to be had, you need to 48985_lrgcasepace yourself to get the best results from your trip.
  • Focus on fitness. If you’re a frequent traveler, pack appropriate workout clothing or a swimsuit, and take advantage of the hotel’s amenities. Or develop your own hotel room routine to keep your energy high.
  • If you’re going on a guided tour, pay attention to the tour guide’s instructions. Their familiarity with the city can help you get a richer experience from your journey, and you won’t run the risk of getting disoriented.

Record Keeping

So much of life runs on a yearly schedule – you’re supposed to have a doctor’s visit every year, a dental cleaning every six61078_lrgcase months, an oil change on your car every few weeks. With so much filling your days, it can be hard to remember what month it is, let alone everything that needs to happen during it.

Writing your appointments in your planner creates an easy-to-access paper trail, letting you find when you last checked your oil without digging through old receipts. You can keep track of how often you visit with friends or figure out the last time you went to the theater, all with a simple flip of the page.

Mixing Paper and Pixels

With the advent of modern technology, you can get even more from your Franklin Planner. For instance, your iPad might41933_lrgcase be able to provide audio notifications for your appointments, but the tiny calendar square doesn’t have much room for notes. Taking your planner to your meetings lets you focus on the discussion without any online temptations.

Clean Up Your Devices

Gadget Wally Organizer by KangaroomThink back ten years – back when cell phones flipped open and most portable devices used AA batteries. Most of your tech centered around a single desk, where you could put cords behind and out of the way.

Fast forward, and technology has spread over the entire house, with more devices than ever and charging cords as far as the eye can see. Keeping track of everything can be a tangled mess.

Luckily, we have several solutions on our Tech Organization page, from phone-securing chargers that you unplug and clip to your belt, to useful organization solutions for your cords. It’s time to take back your house from the tech invasion.


National Memo Day

Serenity Memo MousepadTake this down: May 21st is National Memo Day.

Fun Facts:

  • In 1968, a chemist at the 3M company was trying to develop a super-strength adhesive, but instead created a low-tack, reusable, pressure-sensitive adhesive. 22 years later, in 1980, they finally figured out how to use this adhesive, and the Post-It Note was born.
  • The yellow color came about because the development team borrowed yellow scrap paper from the lab next door.
  • In 1978, the residents of Boise, Idaho became the first to try Post-Its, with free samples throughout the city.

Today, there are all sorts of note-taking products to help your brain manage its workload. Celebrate National Memo Day by noting which notes you need.



“Where Are My Keys?”

Finders Key Purse by Alexx Inc - Elegant PurseIf you find yourself asking this question frequently, it’s time to change upyour system. Most of the time, the simplest solutions work best.

  • Leave your keys in the same spot – and while you’re at it, leave your cell phone, wallet, and other daily essentials there as well.
  • Suspend them in your purse – if your keys are attached to a Finders Key Purse,then you can pull them from your purse at a moment’s notice. You’ll never have to shuffle through the bottom to locate them.
  • Add a reminder – putting a list of your left-behind essentials on the back of your door can help you get in the habit of taking them with you.



Paper Planning – Goals Without Interruptions

Seasons Ring-bound One-Page-Per-Day Planner Refill

We live in a world of distractions, a world where during the course of a single meeting, you can get five notifications on your cell phone – two recurring notifications for obsolete meetings, a spam text, a voicemail from your significant other, and a Facebook notification.

Using a paper planning system helps you focus without being drawn away to other pursuits, letting you write down and accomplish the most important tasks in your life. Rather than getting bogged down with notifications and navigating a touch keyboard, you can remain on task and have your notes in one place.


Summer Vacation Planning

Make your vacation less stressful by preparing ahead of time. Be sure the house is picked up and the kitchen and bathrooms are clean before you leave, so you won’t come home to a list of chores. Ask friend to check your mail, get someone to take care of your pets, and even hire yard work to be done while you’re away. All of these things will help you relax more while you’re away from home and breathe easier when you get back.

Workplace Conflict Month

April is Workplace Conflict Month – and no, that doesn’t mean that it’s time to go start the fight with the loud eater in the cubicle next door. There’s a big difference between constructive conflict, or an honest, respectful meeting of ideas, and destructive conflict, where the personal realm taints workplace relationships.

Here are some tips for dealing with the natural conflicts in the workplace:

  • Air It Out – leaving conflicts unresolved only make them more destructive.
  • Tackle the Real Problem – conflicts about minor issues are more likely about larger, unresolved problems
  • Everyone Takes Part in Conflict – there are no bystanders, even if it seems like most of the problems come from a few people; being passive can have just as much effect as participating
  • Everyone Needs to Change to Resolve Conflict – just as there are two sides to every story, everyone involved in a conflict needs to work things out together

Take a look at your performance and identify the conflicts in your workplace, even the ones you keep to yourself. April is a good time to start working through them.

Administrative Professional’s Day

Notecard Book by Amy ButlerIf we’re honest, most of us will admit we can’t make it in business alone. We rely on others to keep things flowing so we can focus on our areas of expertise. Without help, we’d sink. Wednesday, April 24th is Administrative Professionals’ Day. Don’t forget to recognize the professionals who keep you going each day. A note, a card, a flower, a business case, a raise—we’re sure you’ll find the perfect token of your appreciation.


Mother’s Day

E-GO 15" Laptop Valise by Jill-eMother’s Day is always the second Sunday of May. This year, it’s May 12—a little later than you might have expected. But that’s no reason to procrastinate your gifts for the mothers in your life. You’re sure to remember your wife, your mother, and mother-in-law, but you may also choose to do something special for a sister, an aunt, or even a daughter. If you plan ahead, you can come up with a thoughtful gift. Flowers are always nice, but you can also get something personal that lasts longer—maybe a new purse, laptop bag, or something for their digital devices.

Guys: here’s a hint. There’s a good chance the women in your life wish you listened and spoke with them more. Studies have shown that women connect by talking and communicating—and guys…well, not so much. Give the women in your life the gift of words. Write a letter, send a message, or better yet, set aside time to talk without distractions. You probably shouldn’t expect this to be your only gift, but it’s a great way to make Mother’s Day more meaningful.


Graduation Gifts

Spectra Global Carry-On by Victorinox

Graduation is a celebration of a milestone, but it isn’t the end of the journey. In many ways, it’s the beginning. It’s great to give your graduate a gift that symbolizes the importance of this stage of life—preferably something he or she can use in the future.

That’s probably why so many people choose a quality set of luggage. If your child is graduating from high school, they’re likely packing up for college, and a good set of travel gear will get them off on the right foot. If they’re graduating college, chances are, they’re stepping out into their careers. They may be relocating for their job, or they might need something for business travel. A good carry-on, laptop bag, or a full set of luggage can go far.

If travel gear feels too impersonal, include a surprise gift inside for a special touch.


Spring Cleaning – Keep It Clean

Who says spring-cleaning should stop when summer arrives? This spring, set up a great system for keeping your spaces clean. For your messiest spaces, like your kitchen and bathroom, store the appropriate cleaners nearby. Then when you see a mess, you won’t have to cross your house twice to clean it up. Maintaining a clean home is so much easier than waiting for the mess to pile up and facing it down.

Time Management – Morning Person or Night Owl

The Long/Short List Pad by Knock KnockYour body has its own schedule – maybe you prefer waking up with the sun, or maybe you usually burn the midnight oil. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, the best time to plan for your day is when you’re most awake. Take 20-30 minutes at the start of your day, or end your day with a half-hour planning session for the following day. Set out your to-do list, gather what you’ll need, and get ready for an excellent day.


Tax Organization

Tax Organizer

As the days count down to April 15, it’s time to start gathering your documents. The sooner you submit your taxes, the sooner you have peace of mind (and possibly your refund). As forms from your employment and bank accounts come through the mail, put them in a Tax Organizer and keep them together. Whether you take them to an accountant or do them yourself, you’ll be glad you have everything in one place.


Spring Cleaning – Dead Batteries, Expired Medicine

Health and safety are precious commodities. As you start your spring cleaning, promote both by checking the batteries in your smoke detectors and cleaning out your medicine cabinet. Fire safety is incredibly important – once you’ve replaced the batteries, set off a surprise test for your family members and make sure that they can hear the alarm while they’re sleeping.
It’s also a good time to go through the medicine cabinet and properly dispose of expired/unneeded pills. Not only will you want fresh, potent medicine, but unused prescriptions can lead to dangerous abuse if someone else decides to take them.

Keep In Touch

Susan Bird Acrylic Note Set by Gina B. DesignsDuring the holidays, all sorts of cards and good wishes come from distant friends and family, giving reminders of old times and updates on the latest events. But by the time spring rolls around, it’s so easy to lose touch again. Take the time this week to sit down and write a simple letter, detailing how you’ve been doing since they last heard from you. Your friends’ mailboxes are likely less crowded than their Facebook feeds, and you can share more of your life than you can in just 140 characters.


Avoid the George Wallet

8 C/C Large Flap Men's Wallet w/ BriteLite by MyWalitOn an episode of the TV series Seinfeld, Jerry ribs George about his overstuffed wallet – it’s so full, that George sits on a slant. While it’s generally a good idea to keep receipts in your wallet, there is a limit. Go through your wallet and sift out the receipts you actually need to keep. You can get rid of expired coupons and old appointment cards, and transfer information from business cards to the contacts section on your cell phone or computer. Your back will thank you, and you won’t have to worry about your wallet exploding.


Plan Your Valentine’s Day

We’re three days away from Valentine’s Day – have you made your plans yet? Here are some things to consider:

  • Surprise – if you’re planning on surprising your romantic interest, be sure to let him or her know beforehand. If both of you plan surprises on the same night, then one of you will go home disappointed. Even if you plan your night together, you can still throw in a surprise or two.
  • Reservations, Transportation,- once you have things planned out, confirm those plans to make sure things go smoothly. Making sure that your restaurant table awaits, or that the limo is there to pick you up after your bottle of wine, can make all the difference between a romantic evening and a bust.
  • Soundtrack – pick out a romantic soundtrack for the evening – whether its traditional romance songs or music that you both love. Setting the right mood helps turn an average night out into a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.


Never Be Without a Birthday Card


Have you ever been on your way to a birthday party and realized that you neglected to purchase a card? Help prevent this situation by setting aside one day each year that you go to the store and select birthday cards for your family and friends. Make a list of everyone and their birthdays, then spend some time picking out funny or thoughtful cards that match their individual personalities. It may take some time at the store, but it will save you many different trips throughout the year, and you’ll be prepared for each special occasion.

Update your Address Book

Bound Address Book by Graphic Image

How organized is the system you use to keep track of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.? The address tabs in your planner may need an update, or you may need to freshen up the contacts on your smartphone. Set aside an hour to get things in order so all of the people you care about can stay in the know.


Update your Resume

Many of us are looking to improve our work habits and our career situation. But what happens when a new job opportunity presents itself? Are we ready to put our best foot forward at a moment’s notice? Take some time now and look over your resume. It is up-to-date? Have you added skills that aren’t represented in your current version? Has your job title changed? Clean up your resume now while you have time, so that when the opportunity presents itself you’ll be ready to jump.

Winter-Friendly Organizing Projects

Natural Canvas Window Boxes 1 Sm, 1 Sq by Honey Can DoThe weather outside may be frightful—unless you’re planning a winter adventure. But it’s the perfect time to organize your home. The shorter days force you inside with hours to burn. Why not spend some of that time making sense of your closet, cleaning your oven, organizing your pantry. You may even decide to get a jump on Spring Cleaning. Nobody says you need to wait until things begin to thaw to start cleaning and organizing.


Don’t forget to say Thank You

Notecard Book by Amy ButlerNow that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, take some time to write Thank You Cards. In today’s rushed world of emails, Facebook messages, and instant messaging, a hand-written thank you card means a lot. It tells the giver that you cared enough to put the same kind of thought and time into saying thanks as they did in finding your gift.

The Eve of 2013

Achieve Any Goal by Brian TracyIt’s December 31st, the last day of the year. Now is the perfect time to reflect on the year that was and consider the year ahead. It’s time to set some goals. (Let’s not call them resolutions because we tend to break those.) This year, lets not set goals that are too lofty and too generic, like “Get in shape.” My version of being in shape may be different than yours. After all, round is a shape.

Instead, lets set attainable goals. The keys to reaching goals is making them specific, setting a deadline, and breaking them into achievable pieces. So one goal might be to run a 5K on July 4th. (That’s a goal with a deadline.) The smaller goals will be to run a set distance each day. This goal will increase as you get nearer to your deadline. And an even smaller goal would be to go to bed each night at 10:00 so you can be up in time to add exercise to your daily schedule. So the one goal: to run a 5K, is actually 3 or four goals.

That’s why so many resolutions are never realized. We try to jump over important steps along the way to our goals and we stumble and fall flat.


Happy Holidays

From all of us behind the GO Community, Happy Holidays to you and yours. We’re looking forward to seeing you in an organized 2013!


Create a Gift Wrapping Station

Gift Wrap Organizer White by JokariWrapping a present requires lots of small parts – scissors, tape, ribbon, bags, tissue paper, and the wrapping paper itself. If everyone in your house has gifts to wrap, it won’t be long until these wrapping tools have scattered to the four corners of your house. Setting up a gift wrapping station in a designated closet (this Gift Wrap Organizer certainly helps) can help keep things together.


Make Room for the Feast

With the holidays come elaborate meals, both the ones you prepare yourself and the leftovers you bring home from work and school potlucks. Throughout the season, take the time to regularly clean out your fridge and make room for the next delicacies. Give yourself a recurring reminder each Thursday, and you won’t end up trying to fit leftover Bundt cake in between takeout boxes at midnight.


Holiday Card Organization

Bound Address Book by Graphic ImageThe first step to tackling your annual holiday card sendoff – make a list. Whether you make a file on your computer or get a designated Address Book that you keep with your decorations, keeping the addresses from year to year will help the smooth out the process.

Shop Online – Save Time

Last year, a record 226 million people shopped on Black Friday, crowding even the stores that opened Thanksgiving night. The smart shoppers found their deals online, saving gas, time, and their sanity. Take advantage of our Cyber Week Sale – we’re extending Black Friday discounts throughout the week. See Cyber Week Deals Here >


Make Time For Family Traditions

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s all too easy to crowd your schedule with school events and holiday party preparations. As you make your plans, make sure to include some unstructured time for your family to have fun and create new traditions. Your spontaneous gingerbread house might end up looking like a tornado blew through Candy Land, but moments like these are what your children will remember as they grow older.


Create A Holiday Organization List

The secret to success is learning from your past experiences. With that in mind, it’s helpful to create a master list for organizing your holiday season. As you go through the holidays, keep track of tasks and schedules and note what went well. If cramming all the holiday decorating into the day after Thanksgiving left everyone cranky, spread it out over the weekend next year. Over the years, tweaking your master list can help your family have a more stress-free holiday season.


Holiday Traveling you get ready to head off to visit family or take a resort vacation this holiday season, it helps to be prepared for travel surprises. According to the Better Business Bureau, many different aspects of holiday travel can have hidden fees attached, from airline pet fees to GPS usage fees in your rental car. So before you go, weigh your bag to avoid overweight baggage fees, and do your research on other possible expenses. Even if you can’t avoid extra charges, knowing about them in advance can smooth out your trip.


Daylight Saving Time Ends November 4, 2012

Don’t forget to “Fall Back” this weekend. Winter is on its way with shorter days and longer nights. It’s time to adjust our clocks to fit Mother Nature’s schedule. We suggest turning all your clocks back before you go to bed, but after your children fall asleep. It will give you one more hour of quiet at the end of the day. Changing the clock can also serve as a great reminder to change all the batteries in your smoke alarms.


Oct 22-30 is Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week was invented to get your kids talking about a serious topic, and they certainly will talk. The question is will you be the one to provide a parental perspective? Red Ribbon Week automatically breaks the ice—it’s its own conversation starter. Take advantage of it and let your kids know what you see in them and how quickly drug addiction could rob all the potential and life they’re demonstrating now. Give them automatic excuses if they need any. Let them blame you and make you look like the party pooper. Sometimes it’s worth it to be a stick-in-the-mud.


Read As A Family

Reading as a FamilyWant your children to develop a love of reading? Read with them. Even children who are too young to speak or struggle to read can benefit from having stories read to them. It helps them develop language and improve their comprehension skills. Besides that, it’s a lot of fun.


Whistle While You Work

There are a lot of people who believe the Seven Dwarfs were onto something—whistling while they worked. Music has a strong effect on us. It can lift our spirits, get us dancing to the beat, or even cause serious reflection. So is music a good way to improve your work and your outlook? Sure it is, especially if the work you’re doing is physical like construction, yard work, or cleaning the house. You can benefit a lot from those dancing rhythms. But it isn’t for everyone.

Not everybody can focus on the task at hand when they have music lyrics running through their heads. If you’re writing a report or working on an article for your local paper, additional words bouncing around in your head interfering with the words you’re trying to craft may be the last thing you want. Those situations may call for instrumental music, music with lyrics that don’t make any sense, or music you’re so familiar with that you don’t even pay attention to the lyrics any longer. It’s all about what works for you.


Celebrate National Book Month

Kindle Fire Incline Jacket by M EdgeIt’s National Book Month. Treat yourself with a new book and rediscover your love for reading. You may even consider cracking open that old favorite and reading it to a child. See if they love it as much as you do. You’ll be surprised how little it takes to open minds, broaden understanding, and encourage imagination. Thanks to the magic of e-readers, the power of words on a page can be shared in more ways than ever before. If you prefer reading on your tablet, download a book this month and share it with a friend.


Autumn Onset – Chores

2013 Wonders of the World 16 Month Calendar by Graphique de FranceGetting your home ready for the winter takes some time, with several small things that can add up quickly. Putting these tasks on your calendar in advance can help you get them done in order, letting you enjoy autumn without paying for it with an emergency chore weekend when winter weather hits. Here are some things to consider:

–  Cleaning chimneys for winter fireplace moments
–  Storing patio furniture once cold weather sets in
–  Draining garden hoses before the first freeze
–  Winterizing windows or your swamp cooler
–  Clearing the gutter of leaves/debris (once the trees have released them)



Paperwork Organization the start of school, suddenly we have to dig out required documents and paperwork again, searching through our filing systems for birth certificates and immunization records. If your filing system makes this a challenge, start simple. Add some colored file folders to your cabinet, and use a specific color for each category. For example, tax returns, mortgage agreements, loan agreements, and insurance policies are all financial documents, and could all be stored in the same area in well-labeled folders of the same color. Then when you need to retrieve something, you can go right to the section you need instead of squinting at tabs as you finger through from the front.


Scheduling Family Dinner

With all the distractions of today’s busy families, it can be difficult to schedule time for family dinner. But if possible, set aside a half-hour together as a family for eating and talking about the day. As you do, remember to keep it positive – if it turns into an airing of grievances, your kids will prefer to eat alone. Talk about successes during the day, and listen to your kids’ opinions. As you do, you’ll grow closer together as a family and find out new and interesting things about each other.


Study Space

Hamptons Desk Pad by Wellspring - WhaleWith so many aspects of life interconnected and crisscrossed with distractions, making a dedicated study space can help you focus on learning. Select a well-lit quiet corner of your home, then stock it with everything you need for studying – pencils, notepads, highlighters, etc. If you don’t have space at your home, you can put these essentials in your bag and head to a wifi-equipped library or coffee shop.

This principle also applies for online learning – make your own study space by keeping all games and extraneous browser windows closed. Even quick clicks add up to a lot of time wasted.


Healthy Lunch

Gourmet GetawayIf you’re thinking of eating healthier and saving money, lunch is a great place to start. The site Accounting Principals surveyed 1,000 people and found that each year, the average American spends $1,092 on morning coffee and $1,924 on going out to lunch. That’s more than $3,000 – think of the groceries that you could buy!

So rather than sending your older kids out with money for the fast food chains, get them involved in the process of selecting their own lunch. As you prepare your shopping list for the week, let them pick some ingredients for a variety of sandwiches, or let them take healthy leftovers. When shopping, take a look at your family size when buying ingredients like sandwich meat, cheese and lettuce – if your family doesn’t eat the meat before it rots in the fridge, you’re not saving as much money as you could.


Locker Organization

Circuit Magnetic Bin by Design IdeasWith so many students crammed into today’s schools, there’s a premium on limited locker space, even when doubled up. So instead of piling up books and digging through them for each class, think magnetic. Putting a Magnetic Bin on the inside of the locker door gives you a space to store small things like pens, pencils, and other supplies. And since it’s off the shelf, they won’t roll out or get buried under other items.



Refillable Notebook Large by Graphic ImageIn the age of Google and smart phones, we have seemingly limitless information at our fingertips. But when it’s test time and the phone goes away, then we have to rely on what we have stored in our own brains. Taking notes during class lectures not only helps you prepare your brain through further study, but just the act of writing things down makes an impression on you and makes the information easier to remember.

When taking notes, start with any material written on the board. Then as the lecturer continues, watch for any repeated concepts or phrases, or anything given special emphasis (like “you’ll need to know this for the final”). Listening for word signals (this is the third viewpoint) can also help you make sure you didn’t miss anything.


Battery Back-Up

Hybrid Snap-On Case & Detachable Extended Battery for iPhone 4/4s by BoostCaseWhether you’re going out for a full day of school or heading home for the weekend, keeping the batteries charged in your devices can make all the difference in your day. But rather than carrying around a coiled charger cord, there are several other options for keeping things powered. Using battery pack cases can more than double the life of your phone, and protect the finish as well. Also, several powered bags now come with their own batteries, letting you charge on the go. Another interesting fact – extending your phone’s battery capacity can help you avoid wasting electricity when charging overnight.