30th Anniversary Story: Tina Pruitt

Read Tina’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner has helped her keep her life organized over the last 30 years.

Just recently I was wondering exactly how long I have used my Franklin planner and realized I adopted the system within the company’s first year!

I remember the classic planner size was the only option for several years. I began using it as a busy young mother with children involved in Photomultiple activities, and myself being a part of several committees with numerous meetings and trips around the USA. I carried it every where I went, and I still do.

My children have always been used to me checking my planner before I made any daily appointments. As they got older, they received their own planners that carried them through high school, college, and employment! My oldest daughter still receives a new filler each year as a Christmas present.

Even though I no longer need to keep track of schedules and trips, I do use it at my current position as a secretary at our high school. I use it to document multiple things that happen each day there!

Thank you FranklinPlanner for helping me stay organized of almost 30 years!


Tina Pruitt

30th Anniversary Story: Barbara Moore

Read Barbara’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner has helped her manage her ADHD.

I have ADHD, and doctors say that medication is really only 10% of the solution, there needs to be behavioral change in order to overcome the challenges of ADHD.

For years I was a struggling, low level employee, not efficient enough at my job to progress. To fill my hours one day, I signed up for a Franklin Covey class offered at my work. I knew the course came with my first Franklin Covey Day Planner, but I did not know it would come with the information to overcome my ADHD challenges!

I was applying the Franklin Covey system a little bit at work. As the skills in my Franklin Covey Planner use improved, so did my efficiency at work. My boss was the first to notice my assignments were progressing on time and I was no longer backtracking and re-doing things I had forgotten to include. The more I used the planner, the more areas of my life I found I could improve with it.

Without going into an entire book of my life, I will say that it’s improved my relationships with my family, friends and coworkers to be more reliable. It’s been several years since my first Franklin Covey Planner, and I have grown professionally and personally with this system.


Barbara Moore

30th Anniversary Story: Mary Ellen Pastorino

Read Mary Ellen’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner helped her and her husband successfully manage their lives.

In 1985, I was excited to start my first professional job out of college— working in human resources. I worked hard and was very busy, so I MPastorinophoto_Jul13thought I was doing well. Imagine my dismay when my first performance review noted that I was poor at time management and not focusing on the important things.

Fortunately, my company brought the Franklin training workshops in-house and I bought my first of many planners. It changed my life so much that I had my husband listen to the tapes and he, too, began using a Franklin planner. In our years together, our planning skills have helped us plan celebrations, holidays, vacations, and job changes while raising two children.

We have accomplished a lot. In 1998, I attended the ASTD international training conference in Dallas, Texas where I had the privilege to be introduced to Hyrum Smith, co-founder of Franklin. Feeling like a groupie, I told him how the Franklin Workshop changed my life. He smiled broadly and admitted he’d heard many people say the same thing.

Happy 30th Anniversary, FranklinPlanner!


Mary Ellen Pastorino

30th Anniversary Story: Angelena Soutar

Read Angelena’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner has helped her and her family stay on routine.

I begged my mother to start me on the Franklin planner when I was in junior high before Franklin merged with Covey. I loved using my Franklin planner and decided to, while in college, read “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, and “First Things First”. It is no surprise that my grades significantly improved when I implemented the principles discussed in those books.

I did not discover I had a learning disability until my senior year in college and I credit part of my success in college to the principles taught in those two specific books. The thing that has made the biggest difference in my life using the planner and all the things taught that go with it was creating a time management system specially catered to my high functioning autistic son. He is my oldest and I have two daughters as well. I struggle with keeping structure in my home and my son thrives on structure. It is when I read a book from the “Love and Logic” series that I realized that structure in the home is what helps children feel safe and secure, (all children not just ones with autism).

In understanding this I became more motivated to get something together for my family to have structure in our home with schedules and regular reviews of each day. The system was designed to teach my kids early about how they can be the most effective by learning how to make time for the “Big Rocks” in their lives and keep “them” a daily priority.

Most of us are visual learners in our family, so pictures are heavily used at first, and the schedule is flexible for events that are not apart of the everyday routine. The implementation of the system was the hardest part, but seeing my son start to do things independently without having to be reminded, or remind me about things if something gets skipped, has been very encouraging; it helps me feel that I am on the right track.

It has been incredibly healing to implement this system into my own daily routine. I am so very grateful to all the men and women that have worked so hard to make this company and companies like it a success. I have a sincere love and admiration for Steven Covey, for his wisdom and understanding that he made a point to share with the whole world. The Franklin planner is not just an organizer to me, it is a system designed to open myself up to constant “paradigm shifts” so that I can continue to improve myself and positively effect the people within my “circle of influence.”

I will never let it go and always glad for the opportunity to share what I have learned too.

Thank you for the opportunity.


Angelena Soutar

30th Anniversary Story: Colleen Boraca

Read Colleen’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner has helped her become a successful attorney.

During my freshman year of college (19 years ago), I could not keep track of and prioritize all the demands on my time. My brother bought me a PictureFranklin Planner which was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Since that time, I graduated from undergraduate school and law school, passed the bar exam, served as a prosecutor, worked at a legal aid agency, and am currently a clinical professor at a law school.

Much of this has been done while balancing being married with two small children. This would not have been possible without the organizational help of Franklin Covey.

For this, I am grateful.


Colleen Boraca

30th Anniversary Story: Larrissa Geiger

Read Larrissa’s story to hear how her father passed down the gift of organization into her life.

My experience with the Franklin Covey system began with my dad. He worked in outside sales, and always had his “arm” with him. He wrote down EVERYTHING in that planner. Over the years his dedication to recording all of his calls, visits etc. helped us to figure out that he was having some serious health issues and to get him healthy again. Because of his constant example of using his planner, Dad was instrumental in me developing (or begin to develop) my own habit of use.

PhotoWhen I began a new job as office manager, he encouraged me to pick out a planner and the pages that I liked, going so far as to buy a complete system for me for my birthday that year. I have now had that same planner for close to 10 years.

Over the years, I have picked it up and put it back on the shelf. I have been using it steadily for the past five years, and now I find that it helps me more and more to organize the multiple roles in my life….Wife, mom, employee (juggling multiple projects), business owner/partner, volunteer and brainstorming how to start my own business. Over the years, I have discovered and changed the way that I use my planner, but I always find myself at a loss when I’m not actively using it.


Larrissa Geiger

Infographic: 30th Anniversary of the FranklinPlanner

This year we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the FranklinPlanner! The infographic below highlights some of the milestones and facts about how the planner has evolved and grown in the past 30 years. Did you know that today, 15 million people worldwide use a FranklinPlanner?


30th Anniversary Story: Donald Yehle

Read Donald’s story to hear how his Franklin Planner has helped him keep his and his family’s life organized.

In our family, our 20-something daughters (and now their respective husbands) have a standing invitation that I will purchase them a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApaper-Franklin Planner of their very own.

Both daughters know that information in Dad’s planner “saved the day” on many occasions—especially on family vacations. Events, critical business and personal notes, along with phone numbers, have long been recorded in my planners.  Eleven years of planner notes are still available on shelves at our home.

Now promoting passenger rail, I look forward to browsing through the binders to see what’s happened over the years. As I travel across America on trains and elsewhere on planes, a classic planner is always over my shoulder, contained in a Ben Franklin cloth carrying case purchased at Williamsburg several years ago.

My goal is to put the power of the Franklin Planner to work in my life and in the lives of my loved ones.

Yehle Family Quote, “The power of the Franklin Planner is at work in your life and mine.”


Donald Yehle

30th Anniversary Story: Kristi Kreiner

Read Kristi’s story and see how her Franklin Planner has helped her keep her life organized.

Wow! It’s been nearly 30 years since I started using Franklin Planners in high school. I did not realize that I began my journey with Franklin inBlog Photo their grassroots! At the time, I recall being so excited to catalog and organize all of my activities and homework in one place. I was a very involved teen, and continue to be that way as an adult.

Now, 30 years later, I still use my Franklin Planner every day and take it with me almost everywhere I go. Yes, there is technology (like my smart phone) that can do scheduling, as well, but I just love writing in my Franklin Planner! It has served me well over the years!

My Franklin Planner got me through demanding high school years, all through my college days and through careers in child welfare, childcare, real estate, and personal business ownership. It has also been a vital part of keeping track of my mom duties over the past 17 years.

At one point a couple of years ago, I figured out that I was managing between 34 and 46 comings and goings with my kids every week! And it would change from week to week! I was looking at my Franklin Planner every 10 minutes to see where I needed to be next, or what task I needed to complete before I went for another pick-up.

I have used the prioritizing features of my planner – A, B and C – for years. This habit truly helps me manage my tasks and prevent things from becoming an emergency due to lack of planning. There is peace and ease which comes from completing things in advance and on time. My Franklin Planner has been an integral part of that accomplishment in my life!

I remember one time a couple of years ago when I was working with a bookkeeper to catch up Quickbooks for my husband’s corporation. There were some deposits in his account whose source we did not know. I pulled out my Franklin Planner pages from the past and was able to extract the information the bookkeeper needed about those deposits based on records I had in my planner. I had records of making those deposits (written in my to-do list and checked off the day I did it; this allowed me to verify which deposit was which) and I was able to look at my husband’s speaking engagements and work schedule that I had noted in my planner to decipher the source of the income. My bookkeeper was amazed that I was able to produce that information from 8-12 months prior. Go Franklin Planners!

My kids know that my life is in my planner, as well. They check dates for availability in the future if they are invited to a party or want to attend a special camp in the summer. They know I’ve got it all in there. They are now good at using their own planners for school and life activities.

I am very grateful for the Franklin Planning system, and I am excited to be celebrating 30 years of use of my planner with Franklin this year! Thank you, Franklin Planner, for continuing to be the leader in time management and organization! I’m a Franklin lifer!


Kristi Kreiner

30th Anniversary Story: Julie Bailey

Read Julie’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner helped her keep life as a working mother of eight organized.

My story is probably much different than others. I am a mom to eight, and a wife of 32 years. I have used many different types/sizes/styles of planners to keep us all running on smooth tracks, but FC is my favorite. Here’s why: the superior quality of the paper and binders, the versatility of the various inserts and the ease of ordering.  At this point in my life, I am so excited to have a leather planner! For many years it was whatever I could find at Walmart! I use it every day, and find great peace in tracking our lives. I would love to win this contest, and already sing your praises to many folks, including my six lovely daughters pictured here with me.  🙂 Sincerely, Julie Bailey


30th Anniversary Story: Catherine Krause

Read Catherine’s story and see how her Franklin Planner has helped her keep her life as a working mother organized.

As a young professional in the 90’s, I saw the leaders of the company walking around with their Franklin Covey planners—they looked so cool! I desperately wanted to be one THOSE people. I signed up for a class in early 1999 and counted down the days for it! I got the flu – ugh! But no snow, flu, or 60 mile drive was going to stop me from coming to the class.

Tissues in hand I showed up. It changed me! During the class we walked through roles, values, and priorities. It brought me to tears—and IMG_7260editedchanged my perspective completely. I have never forgotten that class and shared the wisdom with hundreds of folks I have encountered in the years since.

Every few years I sit down and go through the exercise again—what are my roles and what do I want the important people in my life to say about me when I pass away. That single lesson has provided me the vision and direction over the last 15 years! Back then I was a young mom with 2 kids that was excited to “grow up” into planning my day.

Now I am a more mature mom with 6 kids and have a road map for my life thanks to my planner! Life has thrown plenty of curve balls including family deaths, major shifts at work, and my 3 year old nearly losing his battle with cancer. It was enough to feel like I was drowning. Yet through it all, it was the basics of that life changing training in 1999 that helped me keep perspective, remind myself of my roles, and prioritize my values.

It is with a full heart that I say THANK YOU for helping me set the path for my life—I may not be the ultra cool person walking around with a day plan, but I am a working mom and wife who clearly understands her values. I have my planner as my life road-map that helps me navigate the rough waters and helps remind me to cherish the beauty in every day.


Catherine Krause

30th Anniversary Story: Stefanie Williams

Read Stefanie’s story and see how her Franklin Planner has helped her organize her entire life since 1998.

My Franklin Covey classic-sized planner has been with me since 1998, when I was a junior in high school. I learned to use the 7 Habits 2 pages per day as I read through the book, which was gifted at the same time. The system got me through all of my advanced classes and extracurricular activities.

Since then, it has helped me manage a job, college classes, and two kids all at once. It’s also gotten me through planning my own wedding and a couple of moves—including my out of state move last year.

I manage all aspects of my life with my planner. I am able to coordinate mine and my husband’s work schedules with our kids’ schedules, our personal plans, and all of my work and personal projects. I also keep track of multiple meals and various memories in my planner pages.60578_lrgcase

I have plenty of room for everything to be all on one calendar set. There’s no way I would be able to track everything without it (especially my family’s schedule). My binder (yes, the original binder I received in 1998!) and my two pages per day (in Blooms these days) is crucial to my productivity.


Stefanie Williams

FranklinPlanner 30th Anniversary


FranklinPlanner is celebrating its

30th Anniversary

We are excited to share how FranklinPlanner has helped millions of people accomplish their goals.  We invite you to share how the planner has helped you – maybe you planned a wedding, a vacation, or even a special anniversary event.  Perhaps you used your planner to research and capture that dream job. We want to celebrate your success as part of our year-long anniversary.

Share your story, and if we feature it, you’ll receive a $100 E-Gift Card for our sites.

The FranklinPlanner team will be reviewing stories on a regular basis and will contact you if your story has been picked as a feature winner.




If your story is picked, we will contact you via the email provided to gather additional information about you and your story. Your story will be used for marketing purposes, and may be featured in a catalog, email, banner, social media, etc.

30th Anniversary Story: Annette Wilder

Read Annette’s story and see how her Franklin Planner allows her to help hundreds of students.

My Franklin Covey Planner has helped me keep and be successful at my dream job. I work with outreach programs for low income youth called Talent Search (Trio program) at Morehead State University. The program I work for requires that all the staff be excellent at multitasking, which is just the nature of the job. Monday is the only day I am in my office, the other 4 days I work at different schools and I work with gradesAnnette Wilder 6th – 12th.  As you can see just by my work schedule, I have different schools and grades to plan around and that doesn’t even include the needs of my 300 students. 

This is why my Franklin Planner comes in handy.

I was so overwhelmed when I began, I had to do lots of paperwork, prepare and do presentations, work on academic year and summer programs and plan the next year, go to committee meetings, go to community meetings, and keep regularly scheduled hours for students. I was getting behind on my planning and just barely managing crisis as they came up. Overwhelming didn’t cover how I felt; I was drowning.  I loved working with students, but keeping up with everything else was hindering my success and my ability to plan ahead to help my students.  One of the questions that they asked me during the interview was how long I thought I would be working with the program, I didn’t understand at the time why they asked me that.  I found out later that most of the 8 counselors, were new and most didn’t’ stay past 2 years.  Now I understood why the majority of the staff had only been on the job for less than 2 years.

I wanted to stay, I loved the job, and it gave me purpose to get up every morning. One of my co workers, who was one of only 2 staff members that had been with the program for 10 years, mentioned the Franklin Planners and 7 Habits of Highly Successful People during a meeting. She discussed a training that she went to where they showed you how to use the planner to become more successful. She talked about how she used the planner to set goals and manage daily tasks. Listening to her helped me make up my mind about what I needed to do. Immediately, I bought a Franklin Planner and the 7 Habits book.

In the beginning it was somewhat of an adjustment and it took me a while to learn to utilize all the tools that the planner provides. Now my ring bound classic academic year planner provides balance not only at work but for my home life as well. People are always asking me how I can do so many projects, work in different communities, stay healthy, take care of my family and I tell them I could not do it all without my Franklin Planner.


Annette Wilder


30th Anniversary Story: Summer Perkins

Read Summer’s story and see how her Franklin Planner helped change her education and future.

In nineteen-eighty-never-mind, I was an eighth grader with ADHD. Summer Perkins

I was nearly failing out of school when my dad bought me monarch-sized Franklin Planner pages for my Trapper Keeper, and an audiotape of the workshop. Learning to identify my values, set goals, and plan my priorities not only got me through high school on time, but also helped me manage my attention problems at work and in college.

Today, with so many things competing for my attention, I use my planner as a way to decide what I’m NOT going to do, and “First Things First” is a mantra that keeps the daily minutiae from overwhelming my real priorities.


Summer Perkins

30th Anniversary Story: Amber Wheeler

Read Amber’s story and see how her father’s planner, “Frank” influenced her to use her own planner as an elementary school principal.

Growing up, I remember my dad’s briefcase that he brought back and forth with him from school. Tucked into that briefcase was always “Frank.” My dad was an elementary school principal, and I can remember him planning and organizing using his Franklin Planner, which we all Amber Wheelerlaughingly referred to as “Frank.” We would hunt for Frank before dad left for work and find him on the table, by his chair, or on his side of the bed.

Fast-forward a few years into the future, and at the age of 25 I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps. One of the first orders of business, after accepting my first elementary school principal job, was to get my own FranklinPlanner planner, “Frank Jr.”

With days filled with too many “most important” meetings and tasks, my planner helps keep me sane. Sometimes when I’m sitting with my planner at my desk in the morning reviewing the day, I know my dad is just a few towns away and most likely reviewing his day too.

It makes me believe I can do this! Our goal is the same: make the biggest difference in every child’s life each day. Our “Franks” help us do just that.

Thanks for helping us make a difference!


Amber Wheeler