My Dream Planner Pinterest Contest

What would you say if we told you that you could win a new 2014 planner?  Enter our My Dream Planner Pinterest Contest and you could be walking away with a new, free planner!

The instructions are listed below, but don’t hesitate to email us at with any additional questions.  There are a couple details I want to make sure you know before you get started.

  • First, make sure to add a description on our board.  In the description you’ll need to answer the following question, “I love my FranklinPlanner because ________.”  You’re answer to this question will have a lot of weight in the person our judges select as the contest winner.
  • Second, when you are pinning all your pins remember to use the hashtag #dreamplanner and tag @franklinplanner.
  • Third, make sure the entry image from the blog you pin, is the instructional image below. That will help signify that you are creating the board for a contest!
  • Fourth, make sure you submit your board when done to so we know for certain that you have entered.
  • Fifth, have fun!  We’ll announce the winner on September 26, 2013.
Now, go and pin your favorite planner products to your “My Dream FranklinPlanner” Pinterest board.  And, don’t forget to follow FranklinPlanner!

My Dream Planner Pinterest Contest





  1. Love our planners so we can organize our day together, track our appointments, avoid conflicts, sharpen our skills in our time management and avoid wasted time, money and energy .

  2. Stephanie Mckibbin says:

    I lIKE Your Planners Because It Keeps Me On A Schudule Wanted To Enter The Contest I Pinned And Answered The QUESTION

  3. Dagny A Johnson says:

    I could not live without my Franklin planner. I calms me down to record all my upcoming appointments and work projects,

  4. I am wondering how to pin the image that is suppose to be pinned from this blog without there actually being a pin button. Also, there are conflicting directions as above the image it says to post a comment on the pin on your board, but I see on the image it states to post the description with our board when creating it.

  5. I do like yours planners , kindly send me free planner especially for my 7 year old son studying in 2nd class

  6. Tammy Severnak says:

    I am lost without my Franklin, I have been using the system since around 1994. It just makes life complete

  7. I’m trying to enter and make sure I have all of the components, but I don’t know what image I am supposed to enter from the Franklin Planner Talk blog. Can you help?


  8. MARGARITA Alvarez Gomez says:

    I love my planner because it keeps me organized and I set my personal and career goals!

  9. Hi, How do you find the board’s URL in order to send it?

  10. Carol Hargis says:

    I love my Franklin Planner because it keeps all of my important information handy and helps me to organize my life. I have a big family to care for any many important goals to achieve; my Franklin planner helps to to stay on course.

  11. Annette Wilder says:

    I have been using my Franklin Covey planner for over 15 years. It makes my work and home life much more manageable.

  12. Gail Fuhlman says:

    I have been using a Franklin Planner, when they were called Franklin Quest. This planner has been a great asset for me for day one. I have the two sizes Classic and the Monarch. In fact I use one of my classic as a wallet, after my wallet got stolen. Franklin Planners, they keep me very organized in my busy life. By having my planners around me it keeps my mind at peace.

  13. Was the winner announced? And where will it be announced?

    • Hi Megan,
      Due to the large volume we received judging them and gathering them all took a bit more time. However we will announce the winner today! It will be posted here on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Megan, you took the words right out of my mouth! I’ve been checking here obsessively!

  14. Congratulations to Lucia Beckendorf for winning our Pinterest contest. Lucia pinned some great products and will be receiving her dream binder and planner for 2014.
    Check out her board here

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