21-Day Planner Challenge

It takes at least 21 days to form a habit, and this specialized tool makes it easier than ever to develop the habit of planning.

WHAT: The 21-Day Planner Challenge – This planner contains 21 days (3 weeks) of planning pages in both weekly and daily format, a Master Task List, Monthly Index, and a Monthly Calendar—along with explanations of how to use them. Plus, it teaches why and how to use your Prioritized Task List, reveals the secret of the Time Matrix, and gives a brief explanation of the Productivity Pyramid.

HOW: Click here to get yours today! 

WHY: There are lots of reasons to try it out! Here are a few:

  • If you’ve ever said a paper planner is not for you, try it out before you turn it down.
  • Do you have a friend that you think would like using a planner? Give them one!
  • Maybe you’re already an avid planner user, but would like to try a different format – this 21-day planner has 21 days worth of BOTH weekly and daily formats.
  • Perfect your system before you commit to a certain format! Learn the FranklinPlanner system (all the details are included in this 21-Day Planner) and practice it for 21 days!
  • Turn a goal a habit – try it out, track your progress, and hold yourself accountable – 21 days is a good place to start.

THE CHALLENGE: Try it for 21 days, and see how your life begins to change! Once you’ve done that and had an experience you’d like to share, send us a video, pictures, or a simply a story to 21days@franklinplanner.com.

WATCH: COMING SOON! Meet Becca and James! They are two new users that have never tried a FranklinPlanner before. Watch their experience with a planner and check back for updates on their planner journey.

Week 1: Meet Becca and James

Week 2: Using the FranklinPlanner

Week 3: Making a Difference with the FranklinPlanner

Men: What are you looking for in a binder for your planner?


Color Coded Schedule

Prioritize your daily tasks and keep track of progress towards personal and career goals using color.

I use yellow to highlight tasks that must be completed that day.

Pink indicates activities or plans after work.  With a busy work schedule it can be easy to forget other plans you have made.  I’ve found highlighting these plans in my planner helps me remember.

I’ve been trying to stick to a personal fitness goal this year.  I draw orange dots on the days I fit in a workout.  It’s rewarding to see the progress I make every week towards this goal.

Color Coded Schedule


The Bigger The Better

For my daily sanity, I use a classic size planner and binder. However, when I know a project will takes months and months, and I’ll need to take notes-on-end, I supplement with a monarch sized notepad (Botanica is my favorite). I only use it for one project at a time, whatever is the biggest on my to-do list.


My Planner, Tabbed Up

I love to put tabs onto my planner pages on days where I know I have major meetings. This lets me quickly turn to a meeting and jot down reminders or assignments. I’m currently using Avery Note Tabs, which I can writing on and they last forever! They are very sturdy and blend in well with my Real Life Adventures planner.